Tuesday 16 July 2019
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Why was 3Headed Monster Named Southwest Small Agency of the Year?

Why was 3Headed Monster Named Southwest Small Agency of the Year?

Startup Mentality for Startups

Recently, 3Headed Monster was named Ad Age’s Southwest Small Agency of the Year. The Dallas-based ad agency, whose tagline is to combine “Story, Design and Technology,” has positioned itself as a shop with “startup” mentality, and indeed has done just that in numerous campaigns for new businesses.

A perfect example can be shown in their soup-to-nuts branding for Rascal, a men’s grooming brand, where the agency developed the name, brand identity, package design, website, social content and ads…all within 100 days. The Rascal branding elements included fun copy such as, “Antidote for your self-destructive behavior” and “Gentlemen leave no evidence.” Since launch, Rascal has sold out of inventory multiple times, expanded the product line and is now negotiating a distribution deal with a major luxury retailer.

Shon Rathbone, Founder and Creative Chairman for 3Headed Monster, stated, “This award means a lot to us because it’s a validation of the whole agency, the vision and our total body of creative work. We have a unique model and there’s certainly no one like us here in the Dallas market.”

3Headed Monster is working for what it calls “the companies of tomorrow” via its relationships with Dallas-based venture capitalists and is working with a variety of specialized startups in addition to first-class brands like Nike and BMW.

Check out some of the work for Rascal:








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