Monday 22 July 2019
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70-Year-Old Saladmaster Rebrands-Toby Adams Discusses Details with AdChat DFW

70-Year-Old Saladmaster Rebrands-Toby Adams Discusses Details with AdChat DFW
Toby Adams- Brand Manager, Saladmaster

Cooking is Theme for Total Re-Branding

Saladmaster, the flagship brand of Regal Ware, Inc., was founded in 1946 by Harry Lemmons a Dallas businessman who started the company selling its first product off the hood of his Cadillac. It quickly grew to become one of the first and most successful, direct sales companies in the U.S. with current sales equivalent to 300 million in yearly revenue.

Rebranding the entire company for its 70th birthday in 2016, became the responsibility of Toby Adams, Saladmaster’s Brand Manager. Adams led the world-wide transformation and re-launch to broaden target audiences and achieve triple-revenue growth. He has formerly led similar initiatives, traditional and digital, for companies such as AMC, Inc., American Airlines, Pier 1, Flexjet, TGI Fridays, Pilgrims Chicken and more.

For the Saladmaster rebranding, the big change was in how they represented themselves. They discovered that in essence they were all about cooking, but prior branding materials did not convey that message. Now the core idea of cooking is reflected in all new content and collaterals from their website and sales materials, down to re-decorating their headquarter offices in Arlington, Texas.

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