Tuesday 18 June 2019
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Check out More Comedy Spots from Whiskey Bacon Club for

Check out More Comedy Spots from Whiskey Bacon Club for

Two new spots in the on-going “Get Your Own House” campaign for broke recently from Whiskey Bacon Club.

The campaign takes a humorous looks at what happens when wanna-be homeowners get a bit too overzealous and “borrow” someone else’s house, and then reminds them that is the quickest and most affordable way to get a mortgage loan and get into a house all their own.

In the first spot, entitled “BBQ,” a guy is hosting a chill backyard BBQ when he is suddenly reminded by the homeowner that it’s not, in fact, his backyard. In “Cocktail Party,” a couple is entertaining friends at a cocktail party, regaling them in stories, when they are busted by the homeowner mid-joke. The spots are interrupted with the message: Get Your Own House.

“We did the first two spots in the campaign last October. They worked so well, we were invited to do more,” notes Whiskey Bacon Club’s founder and creative director Kevin Sutton. “Comedy has a great way of cutting through the noise and landing a punch. Fortunately, this is a client who puts a lot of value in the selling power of humor.”

The spots were shot by Joe Harris of Side Chops. Republic Editorial did the post.

“The idea behind Whiskey Bacon Club is a new creative delivery model. We’re bring all the parties together in the beginning to create and produce the work much more efficiently than a traditional agency could,” Sutton explains. “We all act as one entity so there aren’t a number of companies fighting over P&Ls.”

Whiskey Bacon Club has now done four commercials in this campaign for, and three in a campaign for their cash-back home-equity loans.

“We love working with Kevin Miller. But he’s a numbers guy. And we wouldn’t continue being hired unless what we were doing was working,” Sutton added. “That’s what it’s all about.

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Watch spots… – “BBQ – “Cocktail Party”

Agency: Whiskey Bacon Club
Production Company: SideChops
Director: Joe Harris
Producer: Marcie Teague
DP: Mark Haynes

Post Production: Republic Editorial
Editor: Keith James & Parker Smitherman
Color and Online: Nick Mueth
Audio Mix: Gordon Gibson

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