Tuesday 16 July 2019
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Dieste Launches New Look for ProvokeWeekly-Celebrates 250th Issue

ProvokeWeekly is Diary of Multicultural America

Dieste, Inc., a full-service creative agency based in Dallas, Texas, has re-launched its digital newsletter, #ProvokeWeekly. The new has an updated and simplified design and advanced features that are easy to navigate on all mobile platforms.

Dieste is launching this new look to celebrate the 250th consecutive publication issue, which has become a favorite resource for over 1,000 select marketers and influencers. “Provoke Weekly is a mental snack I look forward to for original insights on today’s increasingly multicultural world,” says Jen Guzman, Innovation Insights at MillerCoors

Dieste is also enhancing the search capabilities for past issues content on the company’s new website, “These changes should provide increased utility to our existing users, and provide us with a powerful platform for continued thought leadership,” said Greg Knipp, Dieste’s CEO.

“It’s amazing how far we’ve come with ProvokeWeekly— from a small, humble thought piece only a few years ago to what it’s become in the mind of some people today: the ‘Diary of Multicultural America’. A place where people can get the latest snackable nuggets of information, ideas and opinions on culture, entertainment, tech, fashion, food and brands. All of it through a unique cultural lens that only Dieste can provide,” added Wegs, Dieste’s Chief Idea Officer.



The core of what we do is the Provoke platform – a proprietary set of processes and tools that enable us to deliver work deeply informed by data, culture and consumer behavior. By zeroing in on the intersection of art & science, Dieste is constantly stretching the boundaries of quantitative storytelling.While we emphasize hard data, our adaptive process also makes us flexible and agile, traits that have given us an industry reputation for collaboration. Keeping the workflow moving at the ever-increasing speed of our consumers’ lives.In the end, we believe today’s most progressive clients are looking for two things: 1. Great ideas, regardless of where they can get them from; and 2. To work with people they like and are easy to work with.