Saturday 20 July 2019
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Dieste Provoke Weekly | Wait a Second, Are You Talking to Me?

Dieste Provoke Weekly | Wait a Second, Are You Talking to Me?

Hey Watson, What Does the Future of Advertising Look Like?

By Todd Lilly
Senior Digital Producer

Recently, we started to explore the idea of conversational ads — ads that talk with you, versus generations of broadcast style messages that talk at you. The topic had piqued our interest (as well as our clients’) so much so, that we felt like it was worth diving deeper. We invited Scott Navarro, IBM’s Global Agency Development and Partnerships Director, to come in from Chicago and tell us more about Watson, IBM’s infamous AI platform. If you don’t know Watson, you should get to know him. In his short life, Watson has schooled the champs on Jeopardy, wrote lyrics with Bob Dylan, and is digesting 8,000 academic papers a day trying to find a cure for cancer.

Scott joined us for a talk at last month’s Provoke University, our internal agency learning forum. Afterwards, we had an opportunity to sit down with Scott and ask him for his thoughts on IBM’s vision for Watson Ads. What interests us most is how Watson will bridge the gap between intelligence, humanity and cultural bias. This shift in advertising isn’t some futuristic dream…it’s already happening.

Join us as we give the floor to Scott Navarro.


What will advertisers need to consider?


What is Watson doing to address cultural bias in AI?


How do we get past cultural bias in AI?


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