Tuesday 16 July 2019
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Don’t Let Your Company Make a United Airlines Mistake, Attend this PRSA Workshop June 16th!

Don’t Let Your Company Make a United Airlines Mistake, Attend this PRSA Workshop June 16th!

Is Your Brand Online-Crisis Ready? June Bootcamp!

Learn how to Navigate the Digital Issues/Crisis Landscape in an Interactive Bootcamp and Real-Time Mock Crisis Simulation

United Airlines drags a reluctant passenger off an airplane. Pepsi releases an insulting TV ad. Burger King’s ad takes over your digital home assistant. Thanks to social media, a day doesn’t go by without some sort of issue or crisis. And your brand’s reputation is on the line like never before.

But is your organization prepared to act and react in real time – not just with traditional media, but online media, social media and across the digisphere? When you’re in the middle of a crisis, how can you operate at social media speed and be smart, empathetic and turn things around?

Join us for a fun and intensive half-day workshop that will take you through a mock online crisis that unfolds in REAL-TIME, and we’ll also teach you and your team the latest crisis tips and response strategies, and look at case studies.

Martin Waxman

PRSA Dallas is pleased to announce that digital communications strategist and author, Martin Waxman, APR, will lead an interactive issues and crisis management workshop in Dallas on Friday, June 16, 2017.

The half-day event will help you:

·       Understand the difference between issue and a crisis

·       Learn how to respond quickly and effectively and rebuild reputation and trust

·       Gain knowledge of issues/crisis comms best practices, strategies and tactics

·       Find out what goes into a digital crisis toolkit

·       Experience what it’s like to be in the crisis trenches by participating in a realistic simulated crisis that unfolds online and in real-time on a private Slack channel. Note: The high-stakes scenario will be based on an event that could happen in Dallas.

For more information and to register now, visit And you can follow Martin on Twitter @martinwaxman.


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