Saturday 20 July 2019
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Editor’s Pick

Patty Harrison
Editor-in-Chief AdChat DFW

This month’s pick has to be one of my favorites thus far. Dieste’s Provoke Weekly examines the power of the stereotype to win over an audience or alienate it completely. The article written by Dieste’s Director of Marketing Intelligence, Alejandro Martinez, touches on how marketers often assume they know the audience segment they are targeting and use stereotypical scenarios in their creative content.  i.e. Hispanics eating guacamole, watching soccer, etc. But this approach doesn’t necessarily work for  a younger Hispanic audience who are more assimilated into the country’s general culture.

This idea can be applied to many other areas in the marketplace. A few examples that come to mind include technology (are all tech savvy people geeks and are our kids really better at technology than us?), automobiles (does the man in the BMW attract the girl? What about the women who love a good fast car, don’t they get the man?), and pharmaceuticals (If the drug makes everyone happy and able to live their life to the fullest, why is half the commercial a disclaimer that the pharma can cause death or at minimum, horrible side effects?)

And please take the time to watch the wonderful job Dieste did for The Colombian Ambush where they use stereotypical scenarios but teach not to stereotype. The campaign’s aim is to educate the audience that there is much more to Colombia than drug cartels. Each episode is better than the next.

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