Tuesday 16 July 2019
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Golden Chick Brings the Heat with Chipotle Buffalo Tenders and New Ad Campaign from The Loomis Agency

Golden Chick Brings the Heat with Chipotle Buffalo Tenders and New Ad Campaign from The Loomis Agency

Growing Brand Fires Up Consumer Cravings with New Menu Item and First Kitchen on Wheels Campaign

The word on the street? Golden Chick’s mascot, Clucky, is on the “Tender” app!

That joke, and other humorous moments are featured in Golden Chick’s new improv-style advertising campaign, One Taste And You’re Golden! The campaign is strategically timed alongside the exciting debut of Golden Chick’s new Chipotle Buffalo flavored chicken tenders, a spicy twist on the fan favorite.

The campaign created by The LOOMIS Agency, features a professional comedian who invites people to taste freshly prepared food from Golden Chick’s kitchen on wheels. The man-on-the-street approach captures in-the-moment customer reactions to the brand’s signature fried and roasted chicken as well as its famous yeast rolls.

Golden Chick’s CEO, Mark Parmerlee, says he expects the campaign as well as the new flavor to spice up interest in the brand, which recently ranked in the top half of Restaurant Business’ Top 500 and was named a Next Gen brand by Nation’s Restaurant News.

“Golden Chick has a competitive advantage that every restaurant brand desires – loyal customers,” said Parmerlee. “We have a tremendous opportunity with people who have not yet tasted Golden Chick. Our campaign and the addition of Chipotle Buffalo Tenders is our recipe for continued growth.”

Despite 50 years of consistent brand growth, our research revealed that less than 10 percent of Golden Chick’s customers are first time guests. However, the customers who visit Golden Chick for the first time have a high propensity to return due to the superior food quality and value,” said David Hadeler, partner at The LOOMIS Agency. “This campaign allows us to present Golden Chick in a fresh and inviting way, while reaching new consumers.”

The release of the new campaign supports Golden Chick’s commitment to quality ingredients which is further exemplified with its new menu addition, Chipotle Buffalo Tenders. As the campaign showcases, Golden Chick listens to what consumers want, and they want some spice!

Golden Chick has a longstanding history of collaborating with notable chefs, including Texas legend and founding father of Southwestern cuisine, Stephan Pyles. Continuing that tradition, Golden Chick tapped Dallas chef Larry Atwater to create the Chipotle Buffalo Tenders. The sauce’s unique profile is a fusion of smoky sweet heat, which has the potential to evolve into a Golden Chick signature flavor.

“Customers who enjoy their food on the spicier side will love the combination of smoky flavoring, which is naturally provided by chipotle peppers and the familiar zing of a well-made buffalo sauce,” said Howard Terry, senior vice president of marketing for Golden Chick. “Our success is based on the fact that we do not follow every trend, but when we see the opportunity to create a new menu item it has to be a perfect fit for our loyal customers.”

The Chipotle Buffalo Tenders are available in Golden Chick’s 187 stores through the end of November in either a three or five tender combo meal. For more information about Golden Chick’s story, menu items and locations please visit

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About Golden Chick
Founded in Texas in 1967, Golden Chick is a family-oriented, quick-service restaurant that prides itself on perfecting its Golden Fried Chicken, Golden Roast Chicken and Golden Tenders®, along with offering a variety of other chef-inspired menu items. With dine-in, drive-thru, catering and home delivery service capabilities, the Golden Chick restaurant chain has more than 185 locations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Pakistan. For more information on the Golden Chick brand, the signature menu items, or becoming a franchisee, please visit, and like us on Facebook.


Shot by Charlie uniform tango (Jeremy Bartel/Ben Hoffman directing) with original music composed by Luminous Sound (Paul Loomis and Tre Nagella) and edited by Tim Bird @ Loomis’s See Spot Run.

Loomis Credits
Tina Tackett ECD
Kim Smith CD/Copy
Eric Brule ACD/AD
Cindy Fertitta, Producer
Stephanie Miller Brand Director
Sharon Lowe Brand Manager
David Hadeler Group Director/Partner
Aimee Bove Media Director
Lynn Fraker Sr. Media Buyer
Rachel Frey Project Manager


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