Friday 19 July 2019
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How to Leverage Sports Assets for Audience and Sponsorship

How to Leverage Sports Assets for Audience and Sponsorship

Speakeasy’s Mike Orren talked with Paul Monroe, Director of Marketing at Texas Motor Speedway to explore the ins and out of maximizing sports assets.

Monroe spent a decade with the Dallas Mavericks, the last seven years as Vice President of Marketing and Communications. He started his career at Feld Entertainment, handling regional marketing and sales.

The podcast includes:

  • The differences in marketing NASCAR vs the NBA
  • Why NASCAR’s sponsorship model has been so successful
  • How a brand like NASCAR has evolved from endemic sponsorships to the Fortune 500
  • How to engage a new generation of fans while continuing to serve an aging and loyal fanbase
  • How the best marketing minds – like Mark Cuban, Eddie Gossage, and Kenneth Feld – keep sales at the forefront
  • Why it doesn’t matter if you have the biggest HD screen in the world (as TMS does) if you don’t fill it with the right content

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