Monday 15 July 2019
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Janimation & Propac Develop Thermography Imagery for Doritos Blaze Campaign

Janimation & Propac Develop Thermography Imagery for Doritos Blaze Campaign

Maybe you’ve done some cool stuff with thermography before? Maybe you’re ex-military? Perhaps you just worked on an innovative concept for Doritos Blaze? If your answer is ‘no,’ you just might learn something by reading below.

Nah, you are probably too busy. Don’t look at it.

The innovative concept was the brainchild of Propac. Not familiar? Propac is a fully integrated brand activation agency with over 25 years of experience! Their client Frito-Lay wanted to make sure everyone knew just how hot their new Doritos Blaze chips are.

So… Propac went to work on developing three spots for a Doritos Blaze campaign. When the scripts arrived at Janimation, we were absolutely blown away by the concept. Thus, the evil grins and R&D began for this unique production.

Janimation immediately jumped in with a FLIR camera system and began tests. FLIR, which stands for Forward Looking Infrared was invented in our own backyard by Texas Instruments in 1963. Maybe that fact will be the winning answer on HQ Live and you can share the winnings with us?

Steve Gaconnier, CEO, Janimation, supervises production.

“Directing a unique project like this was an unusual opportunity,” said Steve Gaçonnier. “Standard production decisions required a radically different way of thinking and preparation. What looks good in traditional video does not translate to thermography.”
“It was a refreshing challenge,” said Gaçonnier. “Casting, location, wardrobe, props, lighting,hair and makeup… all of the main ingredients for a live action shoot prescribed a unique way of  thinking every step of the way for everyone involved.”




What you see is not what you get when shooting with this technology. As you can see from the camera test above, a great deal of detail is lost because the sensor is dealing with a wide range of temperatures. For instance, the wall in the back is the exact same temperature as the logo on the wall. Because of this, they blend and make the logo disappear.

Thermography Camera Test

Meanwhile, metal surfaces act like a mirror by reflecting heat signatures, and glass, such as on the refrigerator, becomes an opaque material and blocks visibility of the interior props. All together, this was an interesting challenge.

And our answer to that challenge was, primarily, heat guns.

Hot In Herre video, UK BTS thermography mix – yes, two r’s

Lighting was used sparingly, while painting with heat guns ruled the day. The heat helped pick out the fine details that set the scene, from wall trim to vending machine buttons.

The FLIR captured the heat, but Janimation’s final touch turned the footage into red-hot, Dorito’s branded awesomeness.

Everyone agrees- this production was a unique experience that no one will forget.

The Propac team included Creative Director Kelly Farquar, Copywriter Alan McCoy, Account Director Lauren Gibbon-Hein, Account Executive Stephanie Schmid and Agency Producer Sammie Krepp.

Additional Janimation Credits include: Camera Op Joel Braby, Art Director
Jordan Murphy, Set Build Sinisa Kinaflec, Script Notes Lindsey Wakefield
Compositing and Color Steve Palaia, Designer Dave Sisk, Editor Laurie McNair

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Janimation, Inc. is a production studio based in Dallas, Texas. It was co-founded in 1993 by CEO and Chief Creative Director, Stephen Gaconnier. A pioneer company, Janimation has been on the leading edge of animation, VFX and visual storytelling for 24 years and is now immersed in defining new worlds of engagement in the Virtual Reality space.