Monday 15 July 2019
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Kidnap a Millionaire? Julia Rezende Presents “LIFE IS A BITCH” @ Dallas International Film Festival May 6th

Kidnap a Millionaire? Julia Rezende Presents “LIFE IS A BITCH” @ Dallas International Film Festival May 6th

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Brazilian director Julia Rezende will present her fifth feature film, Life is a Bitch, at the Dallas International Film Festival at Latino Showcase on 6 of May. According to the director herself, it is a completely different project from her other films (Meu Passado Me Condena 1 e 2, Ponte Aérea e Um Namorado Para Minha Mulher). “Life is a Bitch deals with issues like ethics, morals, self-esteem, hope, violence. Four characters in search of an opportunity for a better life, four lonely people unable to accomplish anything that gives meaning to their impoverished and aimless lives. Discussing this in film is an opportunity to reflect on the lack of perspective of this moment in which we live,” says Julia, who repeated the partnership with director of photography Dante Belutti and filmed in December 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, on location in Nilópolis, Marechal Hermes, Downtown Rio and Barra da Tijuca.

Produced by Mariza Leão and Erica Iootty, Life is a Bitch has a screenplay by Fernando Ceylão, in an acid narrative that mixes drama, comedy and melancholy. The protagonists, played by Marcelo Valle, Fabiula Nascimento, Silvio Guindane and Debora Lamm, decide to do something important and set up an absurd plan: to kidnap a millionaire. But they have no experience with crime or any idea of what this operation might entail. The cast also features Paulo Miklos, Otávio Augusto and Milhem Cortaz, performing a trio of bandits, and Zezeh Barbosa, as well as a special guest appearance by Marcius Melhem as a pharmacist.

In the story, Vladimir (Marcelo Valle) is unemployed and lost in life. He is going into a spiral of despair, which worsens every time he hears his wife, Clívia (Fabiula Nascimento), talk about her dreams for a beautiful wedding party. And now enters Regina (Debora Lamm), a friend of the couple, who proposes a way to turn their lives around. The plan, treated as if it were simple and infallible, is to kidnap Regina’s former boss, a very rich man. Vladimir decides to risk everything, certain that this is his best opportunity to achieve something great and to feel respected for the first time in his life. He invites Cousin (Silvio Guindane) to complete the team and the four begin to hash out the details of what appears to be the great opportunity of their lives. As they take care of the practical arrangements, their frustrations, ambitions, and fears are revealed.

The film will be distributed by H2O Films and Universal and is scheduled to launch in the second semester of 2018.


Lonely, frustrated, and unable to do anything to make sense of their lives, Vladimir, Clivia, Regina, and Primo make an absurd plan: to kidnap a millionaire. But they don’ t have experience with crime or notion of what it envolves. As they move forward, their fears and ambitions are revealed. With Marcelo Valle, Fabiula Nascimento, Silvio Guindane, Debora Lamm, Paulo Miklos, Otavio Augusto and Milhem Cortaz. Genre: drama. Directed by Julia Rezende.


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