Tuesday 16 July 2019
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Moroch’s McDonald’s Spot “Cube Mates” Makes 2017 Communication Arts

Moroch’s McDonald’s Spot “Cube Mates” Makes 2017 Communication Arts

It’s not every day that you get the honor of being recognized by Communication Arts, for an exceptional concept or design. But that’s just what happened recently with a fun McDonald’s commercial created by Moroch.

Kevin Sutton, Executive Creative Director at Moroch, tells the fun story about the spot and how it was loosely based on two art directors at the agency.

Sutton states, “We’re very excited to have the McDonald’s spot, “Cube Mates,” be recognized in this year’s Communication Arts Annual. It’s funny because it’s actually based on a true story. There is art director here at Moroch who is super sloppy, his crap is everywhere, and there is another art director who sits next to him and she is the opposite. They have this little war going on about him keeping his junk off her desk. So the creative team of Dustin Taylor and David Soames wrote a spot around this.”

He added, “The script which by the way had no dialogue, is about a guy with a sloppy desk sitting next to a guy with a real clean desk. The clean desk guy comes in one day and pushes the sloppy guy’s stuff over and lays a piece of tape down dividing the two desks. Then the messy guy brings a bag of McDonald’s and pantomimes a wall dividing them so he can’t give him the bag of food. We took the concept to Jim Gartner who is an amazing director that can make a phone book look great. We cast it really well and he shot it creatively, with a combo of ad lib and visuals that truly added another layer of humor to the spot.  It was a bit of a Felix and Oscar thing and we’re very proud it made this year’s CA annual.”

The spot was edited by Keith James with Republic Editorial. He stated, “This was flat out one of the funnest and easiest spots I’ve ever put together. The hilarious chemistry of the two guys was so spot on, everything they did was hilarious. It just came down to grabbing the funniest bits and building as smooth arch for the spot.”

Watch “Cube Mates”


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