Tuesday 16 July 2019
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Need a Cool Place for an Offsite Meeting? Creative Agency greenlight Offers up HOWDO 10 Minutes From Downtown

Need a Cool Place for an Offsite Meeting? Creative Agency greenlight Offers up HOWDO 10 Minutes From Downtown

The co-founders of creative agency greenlight opened the doors to HOWDO, a collaborative meeting space in an unexpected Dallas neighborhood, just over a year ago. With meetings now consistently booked weekly at the space, more and more creative professionals are taking their teams out of downtown hotel conference rooms and bringing them to HOWDO, which is stationed on the gritty outskirts of the city and designed to cultivate curiosity and ideas among the community.

Location really was everything when choosing where to open HOWDO. Co-founders Erik Herskind and Olivia Cole were drawn to the Trinity Industrial District immediately. The fact that it’s not downtown is what makes it so appealing.

Not even 10 minutes from Dallas city center, the Trinity Industrial District has a certain vibe that simultaneously takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you want to be more creative. In fact, there is a tattoo artist and reality-show host across the street, a Nike photographer around the corner, stunt car driver next door, the list goes on. There’s an energy radiating in this neighborhood that you can feel within HOWDO’s walls.

The goal of HOWDO was to be a space for not only greenlight clients, but also the creative professional community in Dallas to host more productive, inspiring meetings, events and experiences. greenlight is putting a stamp on Dallas with HOWDO, the first space of its kind in the city. It’s the only venue designed specifically for meetings, not just co-working.

The Dallas CreativeMornings chapter even hosted the February event in the space: The Doers event series kicked off in 2017 as a way to feature the creative community and bring people into the space.

Check some scenes from a Campfire event…




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