Tuesday 16 July 2019
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Richards Group Opts High-Speed Robotics for Dr Pepper | Noonday’s Michael O Shoots with Mobot

Richards Group Opts High-Speed Robotics for Dr Pepper | Noonday’s Michael O Shoots with Mobot

The Richards Group recently came up with a couple of fun concepts for a series of Dr Pepper spots that required high-speed robotics to capture what they had in mind. Who better to accomplish than Noonday Pictures’ s director Michael O, the creator of Mobot, a highly programmable robot that shoots at lightening speed with split second precision.

Nick Denman, Brand Creative/Art Director for Richards, stated, “These Dr Pepper spots were an absolute joy for The Richards Group team to work on. Special thanks to Rob Sender and the brand team at Keurig Dr Pepper, our producer Carol Leftwich, Michael O’s team at Noonday, and everybody at Treehouse Editorial. Be on the lookout for more Dr Pepper greatness in the coming months.”

Michael O added, “The challenge of these spots was that we had a very short time to prepare for them and most of shots needed to be rigged or programmed or both. They mostly involved high-speed robotic photography or composited scenes. The Richards Group had a clear idea of the style they were looking for, so it was mainly a matter of putting in the hours, testing the shots, and building the rigs.

Everything was pretty much programmed and tested before the shoot began. That enabled us to stay on schedule during the shoot and still get the visuals right. We also had a very good crew from top to bottom. When you are on a tight schedule, that couldn’t be more important. Everyone worked hard on these spots and the quality of their work shows in the spots. These creative ideas were a joy to work on. It’s not every day you get to have this much fun.”

DP World
This spot opens on a beautiful shot of an icy cold glass of Dr Pepper as we cut to a can opening in our Dr Pepper world. We see multiple high speed shots of the product looking perfectly cold and delicious.

Fizzy Fall
Open on a delicious can of Dr Pepper on a living room table where friends are having fun table top gaming. Immediately, the camera begins rotating while the Dr Pepper bottle stays locked in place and just before it appears to falls towards the ground, we are magically transformed into a Quick Serve restaurant where friends are enjoying more Dr Pepper and in f the foreground, we now see our camera rotate again with a Dr Pepper cup and as it begins to rotate towards the ground, we are now seeing friends at a backyard party with a Dr Pepper glass bottle in the foreground and, then we transition to friends at a skate park in the background and one of the friends reaches in to grab the can of Dr Pepper in the foreground.

Watch spots…

Agency: Richard Group
Creative Group Head/Art Director: Brian Linder
Brand Creative/Art Director: Nick Denman
Brand Creative/ Writer: Daniel Beaudoing
Brand Management/Principal/ Sean Donovan
Brand Management: Craig Atkinson
Brand Management: Nicolette Seifert
Agency Producer: Carol Leftwich
Business Affairs Manager: Sara Sax

Agency: Richards Lerma
Creative Group Head/Writer: Flor Leibaschoff
Brand Creative/Art Director: Jorge Rosales
Brand Creative/Art Director: Luis Enriquez
Brand Creative/Writer: Andres Pedraza
Brand Management/Principal: Pete Lerma
Brand Management: Cindy Villalta

Editorial: Treehouse
EP: Jeremy Besser
Producer: Kimberly Estrada
Editor: Shaddai Berron
VFX: Bryan Bayley

Production Company: Noonday Pictures
Director: Michael O
Executive Producer: Cindy Velsor

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