Tuesday 16 July 2019
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Post Asylum / Element X Flips Pancakes for Young Hellboy

Post Asylum / Element X Flips Pancakes for Young Hellboy

New Animated Short Motivated by the Power of Adoption

Animation, visual FX and interactive studio Post Asylum/Element X recently released an animated fan film from the Hellboy comic universe. The short was an adaptation of the popular “Pancakes” comic created by Mike Mignola.

“One of our senior animators introduced me to the Hellboy comic series years ago and I immediately fell in love with it,” said Executive Creative Director Chad Briggs. “Here’s a demon created solely for the purpose of ushering in the end of the world, but ultimately raised to embody the best of human nature. As someone who was adopted by a loving family, I can relate. And I loves me some pancakes!”

“Chad came to me with the Pancake comic along with some early look development that I loved. We settled on the idea of a living breathing comic art style of animation. Then we pulled in our talented teams to get everyone excited at the possibilities and to iron out the details,” noted Graham Hagood, Executive Producer.

The studio’s new Redshift render farm with multiple Nvidia GPUs kept the final frames pumping out quickly. Redshift proxies streamlined the process, allowing animation, modeling, and texture revisions to publish to the lighting files in tandem. “There was a lot of fine tuning across all departments simultaneously to achieve the visual depth and flexibility we wanted inside of our stop motion comic look,” said Briggs. “We were using all kinds of trickery with AOV’s inside our Nuke comps, while experimenting with different animation techniques.”

Pure Evil Music Composer Gary Parks created a broad, dynamic score – from the cinematic opening titles to the foreboding sound design of the depths of hell. “This short was a fun one because the music and overall sound told a pretty diverse story throughout,” Parks said. “We went big and cinematic for the open, some spaghetti western vibes in the desert, and Gothic horror down in Pandemonium.”

“At the end of the day I hope it brings a smile to the people who watch it,“ said Briggs. “We made this not only for fans of the comic but also for all of the parents who have chosen to adopt a child that otherwise may not have had a good home. For those thinking of becoming parents, consider adoption. Who knows, you may just save the world in the process.”

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Production Company: Post Asylum/Element X
Executive Producer: Graham Hagood
Director: Chad Briggs
Producer: Bre Wolfe
Storyboards: Matthew Nith
Environment Model/Surface: Matthew Nith, Vincent Lo, Shrivas Shyamsundar
Character Model/Surface: Vincent Lo
Character Rigging: Steven Kiesewetter
Animation: Deanna Molinaro, Aaron Werntz
Lighting: Shrivas Shyamsundar, Vincent Lo
Compositing: Shrivas Shyamsundar, Michael Fleetwood
Editing: Jhossep Flores
Title Intro Design: Jason Rojas
Original Music & Sound Design: Gary Parks – Pure Evil Music

Post Asylum

Post Asylum exists to create original, compelling motion content for agencies and brands. We are obsessed with design, storytelling and interactive engagement. We believe there is no substitute for top tier talent, teamwork and enthusiasm.Our deep and diverse talent pool embraces innovative technologies to develop the best creative solution for each project. We seamlessly integrate concept development, design, production, editorial, animation, visual fx, AR & VR development, original music and color/finish, all under one roof.Major brands including National Geographic, Frito-Lay, Oculus, American Airlines, AT&T and FedEx trust us to bring their stories to life. Top agencies such as BBDO, The Richards Group, LatinWorks, Golin, We Are Alexander and OCCAM rely on us for flawless creative execution.