Monday 15 July 2019
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The Richards Group Launches Choctaw Nation Campaign

The Richards Group Launches Choctaw Nation Campaign

How do You Advertise for Nation of People?

The Richards Group recently launched a new campaign for Choctaw Nation including  three television commercials heralding the positive impact the tribe brings to the people and businesses of their communities. The Choctaw Nation is a federally recognized Native American tribe with a tribal jurisdictional area comprising twelve tribal districts. It maintains a special relationship with both the United States and Oklahoma governments.

Erica Kosemund, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing for the Choctaw Nation Division of Commerce stated, “This campaign is intended to raise awareness of the many businesses operated by the Choctaw Nation to provide support for its members in the form of education, healthcare, and jobs. Inevitably, this campaign will create awareness and pride in the role the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma plays in ensuring opportunities for growth and prosperity for all Choctaw people.”

JT Steinert, copywriter for Richards, shared, “Most people when they think Choctaw they think Casino, but when we talked to the people of the Nation, we realized they had a wonderful story to be told. They have a multitude of businesses and all of them do so much more than people realize, from agriculture workshops and education to medical care, all while keeping their heritage alive. So that became our goal in the spots, to show in a beautiful and engaging way, how much the Choctaw Nation does. We actually cast members of the Nation which brought more heart and genuine feeling to the spots. Casting became an education on the rich history of the entire culture.”

Kosemund added, “As the agency explored creative directions, they were struck by how much the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma does to provide opportunities for its people. Not only do they operate casinos, but many other businesses as well, and they offer more services than most people realize. So we developed the idea that “together we’re more” to communicate everyone’s role in perpetuating growth and opportunity for the Nation.”

“When the first dailies came in, I knew immediately we had something different. Then, the second day’s dailies arrived and it just kept getting better and better. As an editor, my job is to shape and thread a story together, but without the proper elements, a spot can feel forced. With this campaign, Director Ed McCulloch’s visuals allowed the spots to breathe and fall into place with ease,” said 3008 Editor/Owner Brent Herrington.

Watch these beautiful spots.



The Nation’s payroll is about $260 million per year, with total revenues from tribal businesses and governmental entities topping $1 billion. With numerous casinos, smoke shops, truck stops, restaurants and other vital commercial services, Choctaw Nation employs over 8000 and is the leading employer in the 10.5 counties of Oklahoma.


Client: Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas
Creative Directors: David Morring, Tim Tone
Copywriters: JT Steinert, Lauren Lakin
Art Director: Julius Prilianto, Amanda Jackson
Producer: David Rucker
Director: Ed McCulloch
Production: Tiny Hands Production
Post Production: 3008
Editor: Brent Herrington
Music: Asche & Spencer
Audio Mix: 3008, Matt Cimino
Clients: Erica Kosemund, Sarah Oro, Jill Euper
Brand Management: Rhonda Contreras, Tara Allison


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