Tuesday 16 July 2019
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The Richards Group Shows Off :06 Bumper Fairytale Ads for Sundance | Production & Post with CUT

The Richards Group Shows Off :06 Bumper Fairytale Ads for Sundance | Production & Post with CUT

Six-second bumper ads have enjoyed surge not only on YouTube but also on TV and other digital platforms. Recently at Sundance, the Google Agency Blog featured The Richards Group and other notable agency’s :06 bumpers. They were enlisted to create snippets of timeless stories like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio and Snow White.

The creative team assigned to this project was Sue Batterton, Creative Group Head/Writer) and Brian Linder Creative Group Head/Art Director. Glenn Dady, Group Creative Director/Art Director, was also involved in a more traditional creative director role supervising the process and production throughout. Both production and post were completed by charlieuniformtango, (CUT.)

Here are a few quotes from the creative team at The Richards Group and from Lola Lott, Principal & CEO, at CUT.

“Our idea: how would Rumpelstiltskin conduct his business today? Our answer: a robust e-commerce site with a slick ad campaign, of course.” (Sue Batterton)

“To us, the most interesting part of the Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale is the moral dilemma faced by the Miller’s Daughter. What’s your most valuable possession really worth?” (Glenn Dady)

“Distilling a fairy tale like Rumpelstiltskin down to six seconds isn’t easy, so we decided to focus on the most dramatic point in the story: When the Miller’s Daughter is faced with the choice of giving up her firstborn for gold. We replaced fairytale magic with .com magic and that was our hook.” (Brian Linder)

“If Rumpelstiltskin only had six seconds to convince you to trade your most valuable possession for gold, he’d need to run some highly targeted pre-roll.” (Sue Batterton)

Lola Lott, Principal & CEO at charlieuniformtango, added, “We always love partnering with our long-time friends, The Richards Group, who were one of a very few top agencies selected to take on Google’s six-second Fairy Tale challenge. This was such an innovative project – retelling a classic tale like Rumpelstiltskin in only a matter of seconds makes all of us raise our game. We loved watching the six-second pieces debut at Sundance, and are looking forward to seeing the rest of the brand campaign as it’s unveiled over the coming months.”

CUT credits
Executive Producer – Mary Alice Butler
Executive Producer (Live-Action) – Jeff Elmore
Editor – Deedle Lacour
Director – Lan Freedman
3D Artist – Connor Adams
Online Artists – Joey Waldrip, Allen Robbins, Artie Peña
Audio Engineers – Russell Smith, Jake Kluge, Nick Patronella

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Here are the two cute ones from The Richards Group.

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