Monday 22 July 2019
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Science Answers to CMOs Biggest Concerns

Science Answers to CMOs Biggest Concerns

When asked what keeps them up at night, CMOs shared very similar concerns: They’re worried about customer engagement, staying ahead of the technology curve, demonstrating ROI, and staying on strategy. These valid concerns are all addressed by the application of Advertising Science™ through the AdScience™ platform developed by Dallas ad agency, Calise Partners. Their blog post outlines how the AdScience platform addresses each of the CMOs top concerns.


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What follows is a brief synopsis of the full article.

Concern #1. Creating sustainable and engaging customer relationships and improving the customer experience. Through the AdScience platform, CMOs have access to the ultimate customer profile.

Concern #2. Staying ahead and taking advantage of the digital technology trends (social, mobile). Unlike any other technology, AdScience measures the interrelationships of each media channel and its overall impact on the cost per lead and conversion to a customer.

Concern #3. Ability to demonstrate marketing ROI. Because AdScience provides the most powerful results tracking tool available, CMOs can know the exact impact of every dollar they spend.

Concern #4. Aligning marketing with the overall business strategy. Staying on strategy has never been easier, thanks to AdScience. By focusing on success metrics for everything, the CMO is able to tighten the connection between the business strategy and the marketing programs that support it. Learn more about AdScience here. See how AdScience increased leads by 32% in this case study. You might also be interested in this article: Data is the New Don Draper.