Tuesday 16 July 2019
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Dieste, Inc. Chairman, Tony Dieste Accepts 2016 Hispanic Marketing Achievement Award

Dieste, Inc. Chairman, Tony Dieste Accepts 2016 Hispanic Marketing Achievement Award

Agency Honored at 20th Annual Marketing Conference

Entrepreneur and marketing innovator Tony Dieste, Dieste, Inc.’s chairman, received the national 2016 Hispanic Marketing Achievement Award, presented at the 20th Anniversary of the Hispanic Marketing Midwest Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, 2016.  The award is presented annually to a leader who exemplifies extraordinary vision and commitment to the profession through leadership in business and innovation in the field of marketing and advertising.

Tony Dieste smNationally known as an innovator and pioneer in marketing and advertising, Tony Dieste has been at the forefront of leading marketing campaigns for many of America’s largest brands. “Over the past 20 years he has also been responsible for identifying, mentoring and leading the next generation of talent who strive and push the limit of technology and creativity in the field of marketing and media,” says Dieste’s CEO, Greg Knipp. The agency Tony co-founded in 1995 has been at the leading edge of digital evolution in the industry fusing data and insights with creativity and technology to find new solutions for their Fortune 100 client’s challenges.

Now as chairman of the award-winning advertising agency, Dieste, Inc., Tony was selected by his peers to be recognized for his accomplishments throughout the years and his continued contributions to strengthening the industry.

Tony Dieste’s distinctive career began unconventionally at an early age when he started a frozen treats company called Hawaiian Freeze while in college. His business became the first to sell shaved ice and gelato in the US and grew to become a national craze and a 13-store regional chain in Texas and Florida. Tony sold the company in 1987, went on to finish his degree and was hired at Tracy-Locke in Dallas. In 1995 he founded Dieste, Inc. and has been a part of the agency with exception for a 5-year stint when he worked in private equity leading and managing mobile technology and biomedical businesses. Dieste, Inc. has been honored with dozens of creative award and has been named to AdAge’s A-list, Multicultural Agency of The Year several times. The company was also honored in 2015 by having the Smithsonian National Museum profile its work in its permanent exhibition on American Industry.

When asked what he is most proud of Tony Dieste says: “It has to be the amazing people we have had the opportunity to work with and the impact they have had on us.”

“We also have provided opportunities for hundreds of Mi Escuelita children for the past 20 years and to see the impact that we have had on those kids’ lives who are now doctors, marketers, and bankers – is a point of pride for myself as well as the agency,” adds Mr. Dieste.

Dieste Inc. has continued their commitment to the local and national community by providing internships and mentoring programs to Texas high school and college students. They are currently work-study partners with low-income kids from Dallas’ Cristo-Rey High School.

About Dieste Inc.
Dieste, Inc., the company for the new multicultural connected age, develops creative solutions and services to grow our clients’ businesses. As an innovator in our field and the most awarded agency in its class, Dieste is a three-time Ad Age Multicultural Agency of the Year winner. We are at the crossroads of technology, design and addressability, and our work spans from business consulting and product innovation to mobile/social communications, e-commerce and brand development. Dieste was established in 1995 and is part of the DAS Group of Companies. Dieste is located in New York, NY and Dallas, TX.  For more information:



The core of what we do is the Provoke platform – a proprietary set of processes and tools that enable us to deliver work deeply informed by data, culture and consumer behavior. By zeroing in on the intersection of art & science, Dieste is constantly stretching the boundaries of quantitative storytelling.While we emphasize hard data, our adaptive process also makes us flexible and agile, traits that have given us an industry reputation for collaboration. Keeping the workflow moving at the ever-increasing speed of our consumers’ lives.In the end, we believe today’s most progressive clients are looking for two things: 1. Great ideas, regardless of where they can get them from; and 2. To work with people they like and are easy to work with.